Senin, 27 Juli 2015

Making the Most Delicious Mie Ayam

Making the Most Delicious Mie Ayam - How to Make Fried Noodles special eggs so easily cooked. Healthy cuisine, feasting and without complicated in the presentation. Fried noodles is guaranteed the whole family loved it.

Fried noodles into a food that can not be abandoned by the people of Indonesia. This noodle personality than as pegganjal stomach so as not hungry, as well as culinary favorite of all the elements. In addition to fried rice, noodles Culinary is very much nutrients are very remarkable. Moreover, today has evolved types of noodles mixed with various ingredients such as vegetables, eggs, seafood, and so forth. Therefore, we do not need to doubt this noodle nutrient content. Therefore, many nutrients such as carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, proteins, etc. are very good for human health.

Fried noodles, has become an instant favorite food in Indonesia. How not, when in fact we became great fried noodle manufacturer in the world? Going abroad also you still can find fried instant noodles from Indonesia. Fried noodles is a food that is tasty, savory and fun in a wide range with a family atmosphere. But this article is not to discuss about the fried instant noodles. For those of you who want a healthier fried noodles, see good way of making noodles fried eggs this special sound.

Here Batagor Bangung Typical Most Delicious

Here Batagor Bangung Typical Most Delicious - The food was very tasty and loved by everyone from this generation lintar tempt the tongue. Of the term, this batagor an acronym or a continuation of the "meatball fried tofu". The food was so tasty is made of a material that contains a main idea mackerel fish and tapioca starch. Usually after this batagor mixed with one another (flour and mackerel) immediately given another batter (according to taste) and fried. After that, batagor good in this duo added chilli sauce, soy sauce, peanut sauce, and usually if there is a book could be added as an additional lime.

How to make batagor is not difficult just that most people are more than happy if the food is ready to be presented. Bandung's typical food, can now be found outside Bandung. So as to enjoy it we did not need to go to Bandung. Not only in Bandung alone, but the food is also quite popular in other cities. Because it tastes delicious and is also filling, then a lot of people who like the vegetables that use beans as a mixture of these sambelnya. For those of you who are curious about how to make it, the following simple recipe.